OMG ! They made it ! Do you remember the fake Ibanez Djent Custom ? Now the Djentstick below isn’t fake…

Miguel Yepez created a musical instrument called the Djentstick using a piece of wood, an active EMG81 pickup, a string, and other components. All it needed was a little bit of distortion from a Line 6 Pod XT into a low-tune djent machine !

When you think about it, the djentstick is not that much different from a diddley bow. The diddley bow is a one-stringed instrument that originated in the southern United States during the early 20th century. It is made by attaching a wire or string to a wooden frame and attaching a glass bottle or metal slide as a makeshift pick. The player plucks the string with the pick or finger and moves the slide up and down the string to produce different notes.

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