Stratocaster Cosplay

It is common knowledge that adding a wired Stratocaster pickguard to an acoustic guitar is the guarantee to get the best of both worlds… In an alternate reality ! Source

Butchered Les Paul Guitar

This guitar is – or is it still ? – a Gibson les Paul. For some strange reason, someone decided to properly butcher it. Well, at least the resulting body is still somehow acceptable. It’s close enough to a double-cut Les Paul body shape. As for the...

DIY Teardrop Bass

Yet another jigsaw massacre ! I get it… Teardrop basses are awesome because of their unique look ! Still, this poor bass probably didn’t deserve to be butchered that way.

DIY Acoustic Electric Guitar

DIY acoustic-electric guitar project checklist : Pickups combination: Good. Single volume (I guess) control : Good. Page/Hendrix toggle switch : Awesome ! The vibrato arm, though… It seems like pushing your luck a little bit too...