What if your childhood pet was reincarnated as a musical instrument? Meet the Dog guitar… This thing has character, and by character, I mean it looks like someone’s grandmother went wild in her craft room during the ’80s.

Picture this: It’s 1985… Grandma is sitting in her rocking chair, knitting a scarf for Mr. Whiskers. Suddenly, she has an epiphany. “I should make a guitar shaped like a dog’s face!” she exclaims, as if that’s the most normal thought in the world.

And voilà, the Dog guitar is born.

This guitar has been through some stuff, you can tell. It’s got more history than your great-grandma’s attic. The body is all about that cute doggy face, complete with eyes, nose, and a grin that says, “I’ve seen things, man.”

Now, let’s talk about that single-coil pickup. It’s not just close to the bridge; it’s practically making out with it. I guess they wanted to make sure this dog could really bark.

And hey, it’s got one knob for volume. Simple, right? Because, let’s be honest, if you’re playing this guitar, you probably don’t have time for all those fancy tone knobs.

According to the Reverb seller, this guitar has been vetted, which is more than I can say for some people I know. It’s got a 1985 Squire Katana neck, making it a real ’80s baby. The neck is described as “silky smooth,” which is just how I like my guitar necks, by the way. The Dog guitar might need a little TLC, but who among us doesn’t? So, I guess if you’re playing this guitar, you have to remember that it may need some belly rubs during the process. But again, who among us doesn’t?

Just imagine taking it to a gig, and watching the crowd’s faces when you whip out this furry friend. So, there you have it, the Dog guitar, the perfect addition to our animal-shaped guitars collection. Woof woof!

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