Not the first guitar inspired by a car… Not the prettiest either ! Somehow, this Alfa Romeo inspired guitar looks more like a vaccum cleaner than a car. Impressive !


Alfa Romeo has teamed up with custom guitar maker Harisson to create the Alfa Romeo guitar, an electric guitar with a design inspired by the iconic Italian sports cars. Harisson Custom Guitar Works, a UK-based manufacturer known for its custom, handcrafted guitars, used the aerodynamic lines of Alfa Romeo car models as the basis for the guitar’s design. The guitar’s custom shape resembles the front grilles of Alfa Romeo cars and features an engraved collar with the Alfa Romeo badge that serves as a volume dial. The semi-hollow body of the guitar allows for the use of innovative materials, such as synthetic carbon fiber, which is incorporated into the guitar’s back and interior. The guitar also includes high-quality wooden and aluminum parts and handcrafted pickups, all finished in an Alfa Guiletta red color.

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