Now that’s a guitar that’d be more at home in a horror flick than on the stage. This Flying V Zemaitis Sandblasted Ash model, affectionately dubbed the “Destroyed Human Skin Custom,” looks like it escaped from Leatherface’s personal collection.

Boy, it must have some wild spooky stories stitched together!

More Than Just Skin Deep

This guitar isn’t just about playing face-melting solos; it’s about looking like it’s made from faces. With a finish that screams ‘I’ve survived the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ this six-string wonder must be ideal for turning heads—and stomachs.

It’s the perfect axe for those who like their riffs with a side of creep.

Stitched Together Solos

You know the old saying: “Beauty is only skin deep.” Well, this beauty has skin to spare, and it’s all sewn up in a way that would make Frankenstein’s monster green with envy.

Not sure why someone would do that to a Zemaitis guitar but it’s like they decided to take ‘playing by ear’ to a whole new level, incorporating actual ears—and maybe a nose—into the design.

Not Your Standard V

Forget about your fancy finish; this guitar’s got the kind of detailing that could only be inspired by a midnight trip to the morgue.

It’s the kind of instrument that makes you wonder whether you should play it or perform an exorcism on it. I’d vote for an exorcism but hey, I’m not judging you if like it… Just don’t be surprised if I’m scared shitless!

The Sound of Horror

I guess the “Destroyed Human Skin Custom” is the ticket to a show that’s equal parts music and macabre… Only for those who are ready to rock out with something that looks like it rocks in a graveyard.

I’d keep it away from chainsaws though; I’m pretty sure it’s had enough of those.

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