Ah, the eclectic world of DIY craftsmanship, where the boundaries of guitar design are not just pushed but pole-vaulted over! Let’s dive into this treasure trove of… um, ‘unique’ axes, shall we?

These guitar shapes are so unique, they come with their own genre – Source

First off, hats off to the guitar on the far left. Because why stop at a neck extension when you can just bolt on an entire extra neck? It’s like a giraffe decided to become a rockstar. If spinal necks were a thing in guitars, this one would be the reigning champ!

Then there’s a couple of these axes that seems like Picasso’s attempt at capturing the essence of a guitar… or a Rorschach test. The burgundy red one at the center for instance: I see a skull; you might see an abstract representation of your mid-life crisis. It’s interpretive!

And the double-necked… masterpiece? It seems to have been inspired by a bird in mid-flight. And by bird, I mean a very confused one that’s probably pondering its life choices – much like how we are pondering this guitar’s design. A Flying W? Because Flying V is just too mainstream?

Oh, and let’s not forget the third from the left! Is it just me or does that body look like the offspring of a guitar and a medieval axe? Ready to rock and ready for battle – versatility at its best.

At $25 a piece, these guitars might just be the perfect conversation starters. Or enders. Depending on your guest’s taste in musical instruments. And if you’re ever in need of firewood or perhaps a prop for a low-budget sci-fi movie, you know where to look!

Remember folks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… and sometimes, that eye might need a little check-up. But kudos to the craftsman for diving deep into the uncharted waters of guitar design. Just because no one asked for it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. Right?

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