I wonder what this Spam pedal does ? 


Introducing the SPAM pedal, the ultimate noise-making machine. This pedal is designed to create the most annoying and grating sounds you’ve ever heard. It’s like having a symphony of nails on a chalkboard, a choir of screeching cats, and a band of malfunctioning robots, all in one.

The single knob allows you to adjust the intensity of the noise, from a mild annoyance to an all-out assault on the ears. The footswitch activates the pedal, letting you unleash the full potential of the SPAM sound.

You can use the SPAM pedal as a special effect in your music or to clear out unwanted guests at your next house party. If you’re looking to add a little chaos to your music, or you’re just looking for a fun way to mess with people’s heads, the SPAM pedal is the perfect tool for the job.

With its ability to create the most unpleasant sounds ever, this pedal is guaranteed to make anyone who hears it want to run for the hills.


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