Finally, a pedal that truly captures the essence of being in a band: being physically connected to your bandmates ! One thing we’d like to know ! Where should it go ? At the beginning or the end of the chain ?

For those who think their pedalboard is missing a touch of body horror – source

This pedal was built for a guitar player in a Perth local band called Chaos Divine. Back then, the band released an album title “The Human Connection”. The guitar player and the pedal maker were both big fans of the movie “The Human Centipede”. This coincidence was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so they decided to create this pedal.

It is a modified Tubescreamer with a Mosfet Boost. The pedal has two circuits with separate inputs and outputs, sharing the same enclosure and power supply. The three controls on the pedal are for gain (A), tone (B), and volume (C). There is also a metal knob on the side which controls the volume of the Mosfet Boost.

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