This particular vintage Guild X-375 beauty had a little quirk—it was missing its original pickguard mounting bracket. But fear not, my fellow guitar enthusiasts, for someone had a brilliant idea to solve this predicament.

Enter the humble silverware drawer.

Who knew that all you needed was to replace the pickguard bracket with a silver spoon handle? That’s right, a good ol’ spoon or maybe a fork handle. Voila, an upgrade from standard to silver service!

Unconventional spoon handle upgrade on a Guild X-375 – Source

Could it be the ultimate in musical sophistication? Maybe not, but that’s a nice hack! That guitar sure does look fancy now!

Now, some of you may be wondering, does this spoon-handle swap affect the sound? Well, I’m not sure if the guitar sounds better or worse, but one thing’s for sure, the sound of music just got a touch of cutlery. It’s like your strumming is accompanied by a gentle clinking of silverware, adding a unique culinary charm to your melodies. Imagine playing a soulful blues lick while conjuring up images of a fine dining experience. Appetizing, isn’t it?

The Guild X-375 is a vintage beauty in its own right. Now adorned with this silverware touch, it brings us back to the days when music and craftsmanship went hand in hand. It’s a nod to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of guitarists who refuse to settle for mediocrity. Who needs a boring standard pickguard bracket when you can have a spoon or fork handle?

So, the next time you find yourself missing a pickguard mounting bracket, don’t panic. Raid your kitchen drawers and embrace the culinary wonders of guitar modification. Just make sure to wash off any leftover spaghetti sauce or mashed potatoes before performing on stage. Nobody wants a sticky, gravy-covered guitar, no matter how unique it may be.

In the end, the Guild X-375 with its silverware upgrade is a reminder that even in the world of guitars, there’s always room for a little culinary flair.

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