It’s been a while since we featured a guitar with some serious identity crisis. So, let me get this straight. It’s called a Flying V, on some local sales page, but it looks more like it’s trying to join the classic Pac-Man video game than a band. I mean, do you see the Pac-Man face ?

So, we won’t be calling this one a Flying V but a Pacmancaster – the guitar that decided it would rather be chasing ghosts than playing music.

The weirdest lovechild in the guitar world – Source

Let’s talk about the body shape. It’s obviously not a V. It’s not a U either. At best, I can read a W – just follow the bottom edges of the body, and you’ll read it too !

Now, don’t get me wrong; I appreciate creativity, but this guitar takes the cake – or should I say, the ghost? It’s got a classic 3-pickup setup like a Stratocaster, which is a curious choice for a supposed Flying V. Maybe it’s trying to be the ultimate shape-shifting guitar, embodying the spirit of the V, the Strat, and who knows what else in one chaotic package.

But hey, why not? If it wants to play Strat and V at the same time, more power to it. Who am I to judge? I just hope it doesn’t wake up one day and decide it wants to be an acoustic guitar. That would be a whole new level of identity crisis.

Oh, and did I mention they claim it’s a Flying V? I think I did… Anyway, the only flying this guitar does is out the window if you throw it. Well, I know what you’re gonna say: just like an actual Flying V! I guess you’re right, except I can’t figure why would you throw a Flying V out the window?

But let’s give it some credit; it’s not easy being a guitar with an identity crisis. I mean, imagine if people saw you on stage – The confusion alone could create the most epic crowd silence in history.

So there you have it, the Pacmancaster, the guitar that’s both a V and a W, a Strat and a V, and probably a whole bunch of other shapes depending on who’s looking at it. It’s like a walking Rorschach test of guitar design.

Until next time, keep your guitars in tune and your shapes clear – unlike the Pacmancaster !

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