I’ve had this one for a while in my “Pickups Madness” folder. So, I was checking it out the other day, and I gotta say, it’s like someone was playing Mad Libs with guitar parts.

Looks like someone thought they could combine pickups like some kind of musical Transformer to create the ultimate sound machine! An Explorer with not one, but TWO crazy pickup combos i.e. a P90 pickup and a Precision bass pickup. Ain’t that wild?

This Explorer is like the guitar equivalent of a mad scientist’s lab – Source

Yes it’s wild, but not as wild as how those pickups are slanted! Well, it’s like they’re trying to compensate for something. I mean, I get it, they’re trying to be edgy and different, but let’s be real, it just looks like someone screwed up the placement and went with it. Maybe they’re hoping it’ll distract from the fact that they can’t decide whether they’re making a guitar or a bass.

As for the strings, they look heavier than regular guitar strings, I guess they’re preparing for a musical arm-wrestling competition. Maybe the guitar’s just a little too self-conscious about its multiple personality disorder and needs something to hold onto.

Or maybe it’s just trying to get in shape for its next gig as a bass guitar. If you think about it, that would explain the pickups combos, and the way they are slanted i.e. probably to optimize the bass frequencies response of the instrument.

I don’t know about you, but I think this guitar has an identity crisis. Is it a guitar? Is it a bass? Is it some kind of hybrid instrument we haven’t even discovered yet? It’s like the Christian Bale of guitars, always changing roles and confusing us.

All in all, it’s a strange and confusing guitar, but hey, I guess that’s what makes it unique, right? I’m just not sure I want to be around when it starts playing. Or maybe I do!

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