Ladies, gentlemen, and rock deities, feast your eyes (carefully) on the latest entrée to the rock ‘n’ roll pantheon. Say hello to the Medusa, a guitar so fierce, it might just turn your groupies to stone.

Strumming to petrify… Don’t look directly at the frets! Source

No Strings Attached – Just Snakes

Forget the classic curves of the Stratocaster, the Les Paul, and whatnots; this guitar is all about the slithery swagger of serpents. And while it may not have the soft caress of a smooth rosewood fretboard, it might offer a tactile experience unlike any other.

Who wouldn’t want to feel cold reptilian scales under their fingertips as they shred?

A Sound That Snares

The Medusa doesn’t just catch your eye; it ensnares your very soul. Imagine the entrancing riffs that would come out of it! The audience won’t know what hit them. Yes! We’re pretty sure that Medusa’s infamous gaze will translate into mesmerizing tunes. No doubt about it.

Don’t Fret the Frets

With a headstock that boasts a “Juicy Guitars” brand, you know you’re in for a wild ride. The fretboard is adorned with a design that’s part gothic cathedral and part viper pit… To ensure that every note is infused with a touch of the arcane?

The Ultimate Conversation Starter (Or Stopper)

This guitar has to be the perfect icebreaker, provided the conversation you’re looking for includes phrases like “What in the Hades is that?” and “Does it bite?”

Anyway, those snakes look like they’ve got a temper… So, if you’re lucky (or crazy) enough to grab one of these Juicy Guitars Medusa, handle it with care! Oh! And, just a word of advice: avoid playing “Stone Cold Crazy” – with this guitar, it might be taken a bit too literally.

Can’t get enough of Juicy Guitars? Check out the Seahorse Guitar, and unleash your inner mermaid!

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