In case you were wondering, it takes 2000 popsicle sticks to make a guitar…


If you want to know more about what it takes to build a guitar entirely out of popsicle sticks :

  • The project took about two months to complete, working on it almost every day
  • A form made of heavy art board was used to build the guitar in
  • Tight bond 3 glue was used to hold the popsicle sticks together
  • Walnut-colored filler was used
  • 4,000 popsicle sticks were purchased on eBay, but about 2,000 were used because the rest were warped
  • The neck of the guitar was made by gluing 900 sticks together in a block and shaping it
  • The back of the guitar was arched by gluing it up on the back of another guitar using tin foil as a support
  • The nut was made from a dog’s chewing bone
  • The tuning buttons were also made with popsicle sticks
  • TThe tail piece was created by using part of a cheese grater
  • The guitar was finished with stain and several coats of Plasti-coat, which was then sanded down and rubbed out with black Color Back auto polish
  • Only a drill, trim router, and hand tools were used to build the guitar
  • The project was described as “very fun”


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