Imagine how this pedalboard from hell would sound ! Probably something like this…

Imagine a symphony of screeching metal, with the cries of a thousand tortured souls as the background music. That’s the most probable sound of a pedalboard with seven Boss Metal Zone MT-2 and two Boss Distortion DS-1 pedals on it.

The apocalypse of guitar tone ! Source

Or maybe it would be like having a pack of wild wolves howling in your ears, mixed with the sounds of a chainsaw cutting through solid steel. Each note you play would sound like a battle cry, echoed by the ghost of guitar legends past. Your playing would be like an earthquake, shaking the very foundations of music itself.

Your audience would be left with their ears ringing, and their hearts pounding, like they’ve just witnessed the apocalypse of guitar tone. It’s not for the faint of heart… or for anyone who values their hearing.

But if you’re looking to start a mosh pit in your living room, or you want to turn your guitar into a weapon of mass destruction, then this would be the pedalboard for you. Just make sure to stock up on earplugs for yourself and your audience.

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