The Casio EG-5 electric guitar from the 80s is a plastic-bodied six-string with a built-in stereo cassette recorder, amp and speaker. It sure looks like the perfect way to show everyone that you’re a guitar player in the ’80s but stuck in the future. Or the other way around maybe ?

Casio EG-5 Cassette guitar – Source

You can’t get any simpler than its basic features : a single humbucker pickup and volume control. Despite its odd shape, it is supposed to play well. Obviously the cassette player/recorder makes it able to record and play along with tapes. Because, you know what they say, “Why settle for just six strings when you can have a six-string karaoke machine ?”

The Casio EG-5 also includes distortion, a stereo input, and headphone jack. Originally priced at $300, these guitars can now be found for around $400-$1000.

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