Well, just when you thought you’d seen it all, Schecter comes slicing through the mundane with the new Machine Gun Kelly signature Razor Blade guitar. Because nothing says “rock and roll” quite like strumming a tune on a giant piece of shaving equipment.

Disclaimer : This piece of tongue-in-cheek commentary is brought to you by the team that believes every chord should come with a band-aid, just in case.

Now, the burning question on everyone’s mind has to be… Why? Why such a weird idea?

Here are a few stabs in the dark:

  1. Perhaps they thought the term ‘shredding’ needed to be taken more… literally.
  2. It’s possible they were just trying to give a whole new meaning to razor-sharp tones.
  3. Maybe they were inspired by that one time someone used a guitar to cut a cake. If it can slice through dessert, why not the airwaves?
  4. Or, maybe it was a mix-up: “I said I wanted a guitar that sounds sharp, not one that looks like it could give me a close shave!”

It’s a shame, though, that they didn’t go all the way and make the humbucker pickup look like a razor blade. That would’ve been a real cut above—a missed opportunity to blend aesthetics with the pun. Was it too on the nose? Or should we say, too on the stubble?

And amidst the wave of controversy following the release, MGK’s statement had the guitar world buzzing more than a B flat at a bee convention. “i’ll never explain my art because true art is conversational and always up for interpretation,” he said.

Guitar Fail’s response? Well, we’re all talking about it, so conversation: check. As for interpretation, let’s just say we’re split between ‘edgy genius’ and ‘accidental whisker trimmer.’

So, whether you love it, hate it, or just can’t wrap your head around it, one thing’s for sure: this guitar is a slice of modern art. And if MGK is sad about how people perceive him, just wait until they get a load of this razor-blade six-string. At least no one can accuse him of playing it safe!

Remember, folks, keep your guitars tuned and your blades dull. Safety first!

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