Guitar Poster Giveaway – Win “The Trustworthiness of Guitars” Poster

I’m glad to hold a Guitar Fail fun giveaway thanks to Jeremy at Jeremy was cool enough to give one lucky Guitar Fail reader a chance to win the Trustworthiness of Guitars poster.

(Click the picture above to see it full size)

What is the Trustworthiness of Guitars poster? Gear Pipe readers were asked to rank 30 guitars on a trustworthiness scale. Jeremy and poster artist Chris Gregori turned the results into an infographic. Check this page at Gear Pipe to know more about this poster, and how you can get a printed copy from Gear Pipe.

So if you are a guitar geek… If you like to make fun of guitar and guitarists… This giveaway is made for you.

To enter, all you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment below saying “where your guitar(s) lies on the Trustworthiness” scale? OR “What rank would you add to this awesome poster?”
  • If you want to double your chances to win this poster please Submit a Guitar Fail picture or video, and I’ll count you twice in the random drawing.

I will draw a random winner from the comments next friday (November, 25). Please use a real email address  so that I can contact you if you win (it will not be displayed)!

Speak your minds out…

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  1. I’m all up in the green baby, just an all round awesome guy. Although my guitars are all left handed, and you know what they say about lefties…

    You used my Justin Bieber signature gibson photo already, so I reckon that should count as 2 entries 😛

  2. Brother from another mother. Oh yeah.

  3. I have enough guitars to belong to every category but total douchebag…

  4. Well, looks like I’m in the “Repugnant individual” category — I have the most repugnant guitar according to this scale (Schecter Hellraiser C7) !

  5. I have some from the “bother from another mother” category, but my 2 mains & a new find to be souped-up aren’t even on there!

  6. I’m all over the place! Got one on the low end of Total Douchbag, one dead smack in the middle of Girfriend Stealer but multiple guitars in the Trust with Band Money area. So, ummmmmm, yeah.

  7. Haha, I have one guitar in the Trust With Band Money category, one in the Workingman’s Hero, and the last in the Total Douchebag!

  8. There’s no “whimsical” category… like Class Clown or Goofball.

  9. A Saint Stephen AND trusted with the band money. Awwwww yeahhhh!

  10. My Ovation and My Epi Nighthawk arent even on the scale so I am cool,lol

  11. I can be trusted with the bands money!

  12. Ha The girlfriend stealer , in casses , true …

  13. I’m a Brother from another Mother……And I like it !

  14. I’m a workingman’s hero 😀

  15. I’m mainly an amp stealer (and I don’t have any kind of remorse or regret about it), and partly not sure where a Fender Lead would rank, but definitely on the right hand-side.

    So you can distrust me, except on those occasions where you could actuallly trust me. I’m that sneaky.

  16. Brother from another mother. Ouaip ! ! 🙂

  17. I’m between Trust and Brother …
    So I’m :
    The Trusted bother with the band money of another mother …
    Does it make sense … YES !!!!

  18. I’m total douchebag.. No I’m not !

  19. I’m a Workingman’s Hero.

  20. I’m a bro from ano-mo.

  21. I’m a schizo brother of another mother and a workingman’s hero but also a total douchebag.
    Sure i would be a Girlfriend stealer like Jimmy Page !!!!

  22. Brother from another mother, yes I am !

  23. Ha The girlfriend stealer , in casses , true .

  24. Haha seems like i’m a douchebag, well, nice to learn it x)

  25. My guitar is in the workingman’s heroe 🙂 Nice poster 😀

  26. My guitar is trust with band money

  27. ce poster serait parfait pour la déco de ma nouvelle salle de musique !! 😉

  28. Since I’m a luthier and I’m building a 335, I guess I’ll have to go with that. Love the poster, BTW!

  29. Brother from a another mother…..YEAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!

  30. Every guitar I own falls in between Total Douchebag and Repugnant Individual.

  31. Thanks ! I realise i have to much guitars, i have multiple personality and personality disorder ! 🙂

    Brother from another mother, Workingman’s hero, Girlfriend stealer, Amp Stealer

    This poster is just fucking Rock ‘n Roll… but not as Rock’n Roll as the wind in his hair 🙂!

  32. One of my guitars lies between “amp stealer” and “total asshole” and my second one resides somewhere in “sort of a creep” T_T

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