It would hurt me everytime I’ll stomp on this pedal ! But, let’s imagine what a Dicktortion pedal would do…

Introducing the Dicktortion pedal, the ultimate tool for adding some serious attitude to your guitar tone. With its one footswitch and two knobs, this pedal would be designed to make your guitar sound like it’s got a chip on its shoulder.

The two knobs labeled “Sass” and “Attitude” would allow you to dial in the perfect level of cockiness for your playing.

  • The Sass knob controls the level of sarcasm in your tone
  • The Attitude knob controls how much your guitar sounds like it doesn’t give a damn

When you’re ready to let the world know that you’re the boss, simply press the footswitch. The Dicktortion pedal will take over, making your guitar sound like having a mini version of an overconfident person sitting on your pedalboard.

So whether you’re playing a blues riff, a classic rock solo or a metal shred, the Dicktortion pedal will make sure your tone is dripping with attitude and sass. It’s perfect for any musician who wants to sound like they’re too cool for school and too badass for the ordinary world.

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