Asus New Logo !

Now you have a reminder that even if you’re working on a computer, you should always be ready to jam ! Source

Guitar Nerd Bedroom

It looks like a Les Paul guitar threw up on the bed in this guitar nerd bedroom… And yet, not even a single Gibson Les Paul in the bedroom to match the bed ! But hey, a Stratocaster is good enough, right ?

Parenthood for Guitar Nerds

Parenthood is gonna be way funnier now ! Why settle for boring old pacifiers when you can give your baby a Stratocaster volume knob pacifier. That way your baby can enjoy a taste of rock and roll while you enjoy the silence of your home...

Beard of the Guitar Nerd !

Now do that with a 12-strings guitar headstock… Betcha can’t ! This picture is from a 2004 print ad for a Remington beard trimmer. The tagline was “Behind every great beard, there’s a great trimmer”. At Guitar Fail we would say : Guitar...