Be Good to Your Wood… Use a Guitar Condom!

… Or you can use the guitar condom to approach that slutty guitar without any risk for your health!! On a more serious note… Why people are so obsessed with keeping their guitar as shiny, and brand new as possible??

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  1. How is that a fail?

    • Because I said so 🙂 or maybe just because it is funny with a slight touch of fail in it ! A condom for a guitar… Really? 🙂

  2. it is a huge merchandising fail! i would feel really stupid buying mi basses a condom, but i might consider buy my basses a protective shield or whatever it is, why keep them as shiny as brand new? well, because they are built with exotic woods

  3. I put one of these on a les paul and it took off the finish and some wood when removed (by gibson) and cost me $300 in repairs. what a bad product

  4. It’a kinda controversial… I mean to keep it shiny and spotless or not…
    If I buy a new guitar (what I didn’t do 2 years ago) I would be really upset making scratches on it at the first time.
    If I buy a used with obvious signs that it was a player workhorse I don’t care, it’s the part of the mojo. 🙂

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