That’s pure Star Wars fanatics material !! It’s actually pretty awesome !!

Music teacher Travis Stevens was commissioned to build a one-of-a-kind Han Solo in Carbonite guitar. The guitar’s rectangular shape was inspired by the Bo Diddley signature Gretsch ‘Twang Machine,’ and the Han Solo in Carbonite design was chosen because it is one of the most iconic images from the Star Wars movies.

Stevens hand-carved the likeness of Han Solo using reference materials such as photos and reproduction toys. The guitar’s semihollow body is made from maple, mahogany, and a mahogany center block attached to a bolt-on maple neck. The Aftermath humbucking pickup covers and pole pieces were custom-configured to match the Carbonite colors, and the controls are side mounted to preserve the visual aesthetics. A multicolor LED also illuminates Han Solo’s color-changing “life-support system,” which is located on the side of the guitar.


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