I am definitely one to use the term vibrato arm instead of tremolo arm ! But these are in no way pedals and even less tremolo pedals ! Unless you lay down your Strat on the floor, and use your foot to press !


Both tremolo arm and vibrato arm are commonly used to refer to the arm found on electric guitars that allows you to produce vibrato effects by bending the strings.

However, the term vibrato arm is generally considered more accurate, as the effects produced by this arm are actually a slight variation in pitch i.e. vibrato rather than a variation in volume i.e. tremolo.

That being said, the term tremolo arm is still widely used and understood by most guitar players. So either term can be used when referring to this piece of hardware… And it’s always cool to have something to fuel some guitar nerds debate, right ?

An Ebay goodness posted on Guitar Fail Facebook page by Will.

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