Gather ’round, string enthusiasts and rhythm aficionados, for the tale of a musical Frankenstein’s monster that’s part twang, part clang, and a whole lot of “why?”

Introducing the guitar that decided it was time to crash the drummers’ party: the Zildjian Cymbal Guitar.

A ‘Symbol’ of Innovation or Desperation?

You’ve heard of axe shredders turning up to 11, but have you ever seen one turn up the treble… on a cymbal? This creation is what happens when a guitarist crashes into a drummer’s kit and thinks, “That’ll do for a body.”

The result? A cymbal with six strings that must be as confusing to the ears as it is to the eyes.

Six Strings and a Cymbal Walk Into a Bar: No Joke, It’s a Zildjian Guitar! Source

High Notes or Hi-Hats?

Is it a solo or a solo? With this cymbal guitar, you might strike a chord or just strike… we can’t really tell.

It must be the perfect instrument for those moments when you can’t decide between a guitar solo and a drum fill. Why not botch both at the same time?

For Those About to Knock…

This is not just an instrument; it’s a conversation starter. And by conversation, we mean a lengthy debate on whether you’ve lost your marbles.

Plus, it’s great for those knock-knock jokes.

  • Knock-knock
  • Who’s there?
  • An out-of-tune guitar.
  • An out-of-tune guitar who?
  • No seriously, tune this thing, it sounds like a cymbal.

** What were you expecting, it’s a fucking knock-knock joke! **

Drummers Beware: Your Kit is Next

To all drummers out there, guard your kits. The guitarists have got a taste, and they’re coming for your toms next. Who knows? The Snarocaster might just be the next big hit. Or just a big hit… of the snare.

In the end, this cymbal of a guitar might just symbolize the cacophony that we all need. Who needs harmony anyway?

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