So a customer came to Wollerman’s shop one day in search of something crazy and different. So he requested a unique design. Wollerman took a few days to come up with the design. And what a crazy design it is !

The customer liked it but the infamous guitar had no color yet. The suggestion of a Sycho Sonic Sunburst was made. “Sycho Paint” sounds like a perfect description of all the feelings generated by this guitar.

The original cost of the monster guitar was around $600. The owner kept it for a few years but did not play it much. He entered it in a custom guitar contest in California. Believe it or not, it won first prize and $1000. Mark Wollerman tried to buy it back when it first popped on Ebay but he couldn’t bid on it. And the story keeps getting better…

A few years later, the Monster was sold for $1800 to someone who wanted to learn to play but never did. My guess is that the design probably didn’t help ! So the guitar sat unplayed for a few years. Then, it was sold for $3,800 to someone who played guitar in a band. But the Monster was used on stage as a backup/showpiece, barely played.

Then the last owner was forced to pawn it. It became a display piece in a music store until it showed up again on eBay. This time, Wollerman won the bid, and he got the Monster back. And he’ll never sell it again !

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