Today, we’re diving into the peculiar world of modified guitars. Get ready for a tale that combines craftsmanship, creativity, and a dash of questionable judgement. This is the story of the “Twisted”, a 1971 Gibson Les Paul Standard that has taken a detour down the twisted road of customization.

In a way, this 1971 Les Paul guitar comes with a sense of humor – Source

This guitar surfaced 3 years ago at Reverb, and according to the seller’s description, this Les Paul is a true enigma. It’s like an hourglass figure wearing a corset – a modified beauty that’s still ready to rock. The original sunburst finish on the top remains, while the back, sides, and back of the neck have been oversprayed and refinished. It’s a guitar that proudly wears its modifications like badges of honor, even if they raise a few eyebrows.

Now, we all know Les Paul guitars are notorious for their weight. They’re like the heavyweight champions of the guitar world. So, it’s only natural that someone would think, “Hey, let’s give this Les Paul a bit of relief”. And that’s exactly what they did. Weight relief? More like weight release! It’s like the guitar went on a diet, shedding some pounds to make it more comfortable to hold. Less Paul, more lightweight.

Luckily for the Twisted LP, the pickups have been swapped out for a Duncan ’59 in the neck and a Dimarzio ’59 PAF in the bridge. It’s a combination that brings out some killer tones. And hey, if the pickups can sound great, who are we to question the rest?

The seller’s light-hearted description adds an extra layer of charm to this already eccentric guitar. They openly admit that the modifications took skill and craftsmanship, but perhaps a bit more enthusiasm than sound judgement. It’s like a whimsical project that took a detour into the land of “what if” and never quite made it back.

Now, we may never know the true history of this twisted Les Paul, but that’s part of the fun. It’s like a guitar with its own set of stories, a personality that shines through its modifications. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the quirkiest guitars are the most memorable.

So, let’s raise our imaginary custom-engraved glasses to the modified Les Pauls of the world. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they certainly add a unique flavor to the guitar landscape. And hey, if nothing else, they make for great Guitar Fail post starters.

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