I know what you’re thinking… “Guitar Fail giving a guitar lesson about chord shapes, voicings and shit… Come on, please !” Wrong ! You will probably never see a guitar lesson here unless it is a very funny one just like the hardest thing you can do on guitar !

The right answer is that about a week ago week ago we started an Instagram feed to bring our comedic guitar stuff there. Follow Guitar Fail on Instagram because we are not duplicating the website feed on instagram… That would be useless and stupid, right ? Instead we create new original content mixing stuff from here and there…

Hence the Guitar Fail Chord Shapes below…

I am proud to say that I am a master of the [F]you chord Expert Level… And, now I’m practicing the [G]ymnast chord ! As for the [C]law and the [A]lien chords, I must say I have no hope !

Guitar Fail

Guitar Fail

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