Shonky Graffiti One Guitar

What a weird guitar seen on ebay… That’s a confusing one because I want to give props to the builder for building a guitar but I also want to take a jigsaw and rectify the shape of the body and the headstock !!

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  1. Flintstones…. Meet the Flintstones…. 🙂

  2. You gotta wonder if it plays well, sounds good, has good intonation. Were they able to make something of it? It’s unusual, but how do we know it’s a “fail”?

  3. Thanks for featuring my guitar you can see more you may like to rectify the shape of at
    Yes It plays and sounds great.
    Out of interest what would you rectify the shape to? A strat or a tele?

    • I wouldn’t change into a strat or a tele Antony, I was mainly thinking about a more rounded/smooth shape based on this bodyshape… 😉

      • I was been cantankerous. The idea behind this was freestyle guitar making. No templates no measuring. (apart from the important bits like neck pocket and scale length etc. Design wise It’s an artistic question asking what should a guitar look like? In my opinion it can look however it wants as long as it’s in the confines of been a playable instrument.
        Most guitar designs available to buyers have actually been around for many years and all the new ones are just variations of existing designs. I want to make guitars that you have never seen anything like before (but without been totally ridiculous :-))

  4. I think the guitar is rather charming. Feels like straight out of a painting. I think it would be awesome to play onstage. Far from a fail.

  5. I would say your Guitar Fail website is a fail.

    Can’t even see how it’s trying to exist to any good end – it seems juvenile and ignorant honestly.

    Finally, if criticizing the design of a guitar was of any use, based on this article, your assessments would be in my opinion, not the sharpest.

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