I’m halfway between The Duck Face and The Robert DeNiro… Yeah, strange kind of mix !! What about you ?

Let’s talk a little about guitar faces… Every guitar player has one or even more of these the facial expressions they make while playing their instrument !

These expressions can range from intense concentration and focus (“I’m gonna nail that damn solo!”) to pure joy and excitement (“dude, that bend on the B string at the 15th fret just hit my G spot!” – G stands for Guitarist).

Some people even argue that the guitar face a guitarist makes can affect the sound of the music. That’s a bit mystical, right ?

The most common guitar faces include the concentration face, where the guitarist scrunches up their face in intense focus, and the rock star face, where the guitarist throws back their head and closes their eyes in a moment of pure musical ecstasy.

Some guitar faces have become iconic !

Sometimes, guitar faces are imitated by fans and aspiring guitarists. Because, why not ?

Some guitarists even use guitar faces as a tool to improve their playing. By making a guitar face, a guitarist can help themselves to stay focused and in the moment, allowing them to deliver their best performance. And if they fail to do so, at least they will deliver an funny and entertaining visual performance for their audience, right ?

Overall, guitar faces are an integral part of the guitar playing experience. Whether unintentional or intentional , guitar faces add an extra level of excitement and emotion to the music.

So… Grab your guitar and release your best guitar face, right now !

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