I hope you’ve got your “oohs” and “aahs” at the ready, because today we’re admiring a guitar that seems, erm, particularly excited to see you.

A bold protrusion that makes this guitar hard to ignore – Source

Say hi to what looks strikingly like a Fernandes Monterey. But let’s be honest, if that’s what it is, with that long horn and generous cutaway, this ain’t your average Monterey. One can’t help but raise an eyebrow (or perhaps both) and wonder if this guitar had a little too much coffee this morning. Or maybe it’s just overly eager to hit those high notes with you?

On a more serious note, if we can manage it, let’s chat about that sleek, glossy black finish, which contrasts beautifully with the eye-catching golden hardware. Like a tuxedo paired with gold cufflinks, this guitar means business, but in the cheekiest way possible.

And hey, that wide cutaway? It’s not just there for giggles. It ensures that even the most shy and retiring of fingers have no issues reaching those top frets. So while it may be giving us a playful wink with its unusual design, this guitar is also all about performance.

But let’s get back to the horn — I mean, how can we ignore it? It’s like the guitar world’s version of a peacock’s feathered display, isn’t it? Ready to strut its stuff and make sure it’s the center of attention.

In conclusion, this guitar knows exactly what it’s doing, bringing both form and function into a design that’s a tad risqué, a lot cheeky, and 100% unforgettable. Go on, give it a strum. It’s clearly ready for it.

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