Cadillac Billy Bo

Considering it’s not even a Gretsch Billy Bo (Sometimes Guitar Fail fails at identifying some axes) and it’s more likely to be a modified Duesenberg with a Billy-Bo-ish back ! Simple math : Gretsch Billy-Bo = NICE |Cadillac = NICE Cadillac + Billy-Bo = Meh...

Not Your Typical Acoustic Guitar

I love Gretsch guitars but this G5034TFT Rancher dreadnought with a Bigsby vibrato, and a Fideli’Tron™ pickupĀ is a bit too much… Yet, I wish I could give it a try. Obviously !

Jump !

Now imagine the disaster if someone jumped on this trampoline ! That wonderful collection of 40+ nice guitars would be in jeopardy ! Also, what’s with that thing that look like a cut-off hand ?