New Pickguard Looks Great

Sure, sure… Maybe the original pickguard just wasn’t artistic enough for the owner. Maybe it just didn’t have the “je ne sais quoi” that this new one has. Maybe, it was just too boring and needed a little more edge. You know, that little...

SG (way too) Custom

Why settle for two boring standard humbuckers when you can add a third P90 pickup that’s held in place with tape? And I mean, who needs a fancy bridge when you can have a rickety, rustic one? Maybe it adds just the right amount of charm and randomness to the...

Gibson SG Putty Finish

Looks like someone took the phrase “repairing with spit and glue” to a whole new level with this putty-repaired SG guitar neck. Putty repair job, MacGyver approves !

Jump !

Now imagine the disaster if someone jumped on this trampoline ! That wonderful collection of 40+ nice guitars would be in jeopardy ! Also, what’s with that thing that look like a cut-off hand ?