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Introducing the SansTalent TB2 Talent/Skill Booster pedal! This pedal is perfect for guitar players who want to sound like they have talent and skill without putting in the work.

The four knobs labeled “Skill Level,” “Passion,” “Experience,” and “Inspiration” allow you to dial in the precise level of fakery you desire.

Want to sound like you’ve been playing for decades without ever practicing? Just turn up the “Experience” knob.

Want to sound like you’re playing with soul and feeling? Crank up the “Passion” knob.

And for that extra touch of “I know what I’m doing” turn up the “Inspiration” knob.

The pedal also has a Technique 3-way switch labeled “Godlike,” “Very Clean,” and “Clean” that allows you to adjust the level of perfection in your playing .

The Mojo 3-way switch labeled “Texas,” “Delta,” and “NYC/Cool” let you select the type of style you want to sound like, without actually having to learn the style.

And for those who want to give the impression of a solid music education like they spend years learning music theory, the School 3-way switch allow you to select the type of music school you want to pretend you went to. You can sound as a Berklee or a GIT guitar alumni without ever having set a foot there. If you have no interest in sounding like a guitar scholar, the “Self Taught Genius” setting is for you .

Just stomp on the footswitch to engage the pedal, so that you can enjoy your newfound talent and skill whenever you need it, impressing your friends and fooling your audience.

This pedal is perfect for those who want to sound like guitar prodigies without actually putting in the effort. With SansTalent TB2, you can be a guitar hero in your own mind, and in the mind of your listeners.

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