Seems legit ! Kirk Hammett is known for his extensive use of the wah pedal throughout his career. It has become one of his signature sounds as a guitarist.


Kirk Hammett’s never-ending love of the wah pedal even caused him a minor injury in the past years as he slipped on one of them during a rainy concert of Metallica.

Hammett was first introduced to the wah pedal when he heard the song “Warrior” by Thin Lizzy, and it immediately caught his attention.

Hammett has co-founded a company called KHDK Electronics, which has developed various guitar pedals since 2012. In 2018, he worked with Jim Dunlop to create a signature wah pedal called the KH95.

In an interview with Guitar World, Hammett stated that he is a “fully dedicated wah-wah freak” and plans to be buried with a wah pedal in a coffin with “Crybaby” written on the side.

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