The Looney Tuner… I wonder what the Exhibitionism control does ?


Introducing the Looney Tuner ! This tuner is perfect for guitar players who want to add a little madness to their music.

Want your audience to hear you tuning your guitar because there’s no feeling better than tuning loudly in public ? the Exhibitionism switch is for you.

Want to sound like the audience to feel like they’re in a dark room with a melancholic tune in the background ? Drop D Depressive got you covered.

Want that over-the-top, bigger-than-life tuning ? Grandiose Delusions is the way to go.

The “Malingering” and “Selective Mutism” footswitches are for when you want to simulate the sounds of either faking an illness or refusing to tune, respectively.

The Looney Tuner is a must-have because nothing screams “I am a musician” like sounding like you just escaped from the asylum while tuning your guitar.

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