Guitars Mass Grave

I don’t know the context of this picture (counterfeit guitars ? Nashville flood a few years back ?) but I think I’m gonna cry !

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  1. R.I.P Snif 🙁

  2. They were destroyed in the Nashville of 2010.

  3. SON OF A BITCH. This hurts.

  4. This looks like an huge art project looking for some place to happen.

  5. why couldn’t they be donated to underprivileged kids

  6. I’d guess Gibson’s. I hear they will scap for a finish flaw.

  7. Guitars that were TOO good for Gibson. Can’t have those getting out.

  8. With that kind of scrap rate it’s no wonder Gibson guitars are so overpriced. 🙁

  9. Nashville Flood at Gibson Guitars. It was a sad day.

  10. I’m guessing flood. They are mostly unloaded and have eye bolts where the strap locks go on some.

  11. I can see a lot of commonly counterfeited guitars in there. Probably confiscated by the government. They’re illegal! Most people don’t know that. The good thing is that most of them are crap honestly.

  12. Is there ANY way we can get our hands on one of these guitars to give them a future life?

  13. Looking at the routing in the cavities they are all fake POS guitars.

  14. Pete Townshend’s storage locker? – I would hope they were all counterfeit – There’s alot of salvageable hardware on them.

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