What about a heavy metal musical reboot of Frozen ?


Frozen – The Heavy Metal Musical Reboot

In the kingdom of Arendelle, a young princess named Elsa is born with the magical power to create and control ice. Growing up, Elsa struggles to control her powers and often feels isolated.

As Elsa grows older, she becomes more and more interested in the world of heavy metal music. She discovers that her powers are especially well-suited for creating ice cold riffs, epic guitar solos and impressive stage shows. Despite her initial reluctance, Elsa eventually embraces her powers and becomes a fierce heavy metal princess !

As Elsa tours and performs as heavy metal princess, a new threat emerges ! Mainstream pop music is beginning to dominate the radio waves and steal the hearts of the people of Arendelle.

The pop music industry is controlled by a ruthless and greedy record executive, who will stop at nothing to crush all competition and ensure that pop music remains the forever dominant genre in the kingdom.

Despite her initial reluctance to engage in a battle against mainstream pop, Elsa is eventually drawn into the fight to save the kingdom from the peril of cookie-cutter, formulaic music. Only armed with a BC Rich Mockingbird guitar, Elsa uses here musical talents and her powers to create a new sound that is fresh, original, and authentic. She recruits other musicians to join her cause.

As the fight against mainstream pop heats up, Elsa faces fierce opposition and numerous challenges, but she never gives up. In the end, she triumphs over her enemies and proves that real talent, genuine passion, ice cold heavy metal riffs, and epic guitar solos can never be silenced by corporate greed and superficial trends.

The kingdom of Arendelle is saved, and Elsa becomes champion of the heavy metal movement.

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