You may remember the legendary Headless SG. If you thought guitars couldn’t get any wackier, think again. We’ve got a new contender in the game, and its name is Tonka. That’s right, Tonka. As in the toy trucks you played with when you were six.

But this Tonka isn’t a toy truck, no sir. It’s a headless DIY yellow SG guitar with the Tonka name emblazoned on the body. Because why settle for a traditional, well-crafted instrument when you can have a cheap plastic toy-inspired guitar, right?

Chords on the body: Is the Tonka guitar a toy or a tool?

And don’t forget the G-D-Em-C chord progression etched onto the body. Who needs to actually learn the song when you can just look down at your guitar and see the chords laid out for you? Jimi Hendrix would have killed for that kind of convenience back in the day, right? Maybe that’s the hidden message carried by the “Fender Stratocaster” inscription on the upper horn. Maybe that’s an hommage to Jimi Hendrix, who knows ?

But let’s be real, the real question is, can this Tonka guitar transform into a mini Tonka truck and drive right off the stage? Because that would be a game-changer.

If Tonka the guitar is anything like Tonka the toy, it’ll be forgotten in a box somewhere in a few months. And let’s not forget the intimidation factor of playing a headless guitar named after a toy truck.

I’ll stick to air guitar, thank you very much. I mean, what’s next? A guitar named after a Teletubby?

At the end of the day, the only chord progression that should be written on a guitar is the one you learn in your first lesson: G-C-D. Anything else is just Tonka talk.

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