I still wanna see the Death Star guitar ! Meanwhile, you can read the story of these guitares made by a star wars fan here.

StarWars Guitar

64-year-old Tom Bingham, a music-loving sci-fi fan from the U.K., has combined his two passions by creating a unique collection of Star Wars-themed electric guitars. The retired printer spends his time scouring car boot sales and scrap yards for the materials he uses to build his detailed instruments, which take about three months to construct from scratch.

Tom’s collection includes approximately 20 guitars, including ones shaped like the Millenium Falcon, the Jedi Anakin Fighter, cricket bats, record players, and the Large Hadron Collider. Despite suffering from chronic arthritis, Tom’s dedication to creating these intricate guitars is impressive. He even had to disassemble and rebuild a 140-piece Millenium Falcon kit to attach it to a guitar neck.

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