Hey, remember that time we talked about the inspiration behind our Flight of the Bumble Bee t-shirts? Well, we’ve got another source of inspiration for you today. It’s a guy who tried to steal a guitar by shoving it down his pants. Yeah, you read that right. Now, we’re not saying he’s a genius for attempting such a ridiculous heist, but we are saying he’s inspired us.

I mean, clearly, guitar matters so much to him that he was willing to risk getting caught with it down his pants.

As they say, “keep your friends close but your guitars closer.” And this guy took that to a whole new level. So, we turned this hilarious situation into a t-shirt that you can wear proudly to show off your love for guitars.

It’s the perfect way to let the world know that you take your guitars seriously, and you’re not afraid to make a bold statement.

If you’re a true guitar enthusiast, then you need the “Keep Your Friends Close But Your Guitars Closer” t-shirt or mug in your life.

And who knows, maybe this shirt will inspire you to do something equally as ridiculous in the name of your love for guitars. Just please, don’t shove them down your pants.

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