Dean V Guitar + Roland Micro Cube + Saw = Pure Massacre !

Here is what the Dr Frankenstein behind this creature has to say about it : “Elliott Dean Power Guitar EV is based on a Dean V with a Roland Micro Cube and the tails put to better use.”


"Dean V Guitar + Roland Micro Cube + Saw = Pure Massacre !", 2 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

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  1. Designed to travel with?

  2. F@ck those guitars, Anyway. He just wasted his time by not putting gas on it and not setting it on fire.
    Modifying things that arent cool into things that are cool is fun . But When you modify a piece of shit into something impractical, you wasted your time.

  3. First thought:

    Second thought:

    Seriously, why would anyone think that combining a guitar with an amp is a dynamite idea?
    This thing must feedback like a motherf*cker. And on top of that the job was done so damn sloppy that it would fall apart on a gig during longer than 30 minutes.
    This is just absolutely disgusting

  4. i think that guitar is AWESOME i would love to have it

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