Have you ever wondered what’s the motivation to build a toilet seat guitar ?


Once upon a time, there was a man named Bob who had a passion for music and a love for all things toilet-related. One day, while sitting on the throne, inspiration struck him like a well-timed bowel movement.

“Why not combine my two passions and build a toilet seat guitar?”

And so, Bob set to work, scouring the internet for the perfect toilet seat to use as the body of his new guitar. After much searching, he finally found the one that screamed rock and roll.

Next, he began gathering the necessary parts to turn his toilet seat into a fully functioning guitar. He carefully installed the pickups, the neck, and the strings.

With his new toilet seat guitar in hand, Bob hit the local open mic night, ready to show off his creation. The crowd was skeptical at first, but as soon as Bob started shredding, they were won over.

From that day on, Bob’s toilet seat guitar became the talk of the town. Musicians everywhere wanted to know how they too could get their hands on one.

But for Bob, it was all about the music. After all, as he always said :

“When it’s time to rock and roll, don’t let a little thing like a toilet seat stand in your way.”

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