How funny it must have been to be a staff writer for a slasher film in the 80s. I can imagine the meeting going that way : “You know what this scene needs? A guitar with a functional drill inside!” and someone tops that idea “Yeah! And you know what this drill guitar needs? A massive drill bit for a headstock!” and so on, and so on… 

And here it is, the iconic slasher weapon, the massive hero functional drill guitar from the cult classic Slumber Party Massacre part 2!

This guitar is not your ordinary instrument. It’s a lethal combination of music and mayhem, as the body houses a fully functional drill. Because who needs regular guitar solos when you can unleash a power drill solo instead?

Just imagine the faces in the crowd as you shred those riffs and unleash the drilling fury upon unsuspecting ears, ready to conquer the musical landscape with its relentless power. It’s like playing a guitar and a construction tool at the same time. Talk about multitasking!

Alas, this guitar is just a prop from an 80s slasher film, a genre where creativity knew no bounds. It’s a nod to the moments of terror and absurdity that made those movies unforgettable. Though it is described as functional, it only applies to the drill part of the guitar ! But who needs a regular guitar when you can channel the spirit of a slasher flick through… well, not your music… through drilling noises?

Get ready to rock and roll, slasher-style!

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