Well, I bet this thing sounds as gory as it looks. Meet the Spynal guitar by Ikon Customs, a guitar that accurately reflects the state of my soul, and my fingers after hours of practicing.

This guitar is like the love child of a Stratocaster-ish guitar and an Alien’s monster. It proves once and for all that guitars aren’t just for playing music, they’re also for freaking people out. And it’s working. I don’t think I will ever close my eyes again.

A decaying torso and a single EMG 81 pickup, the Spynal guitar is either a science exhibit or horror movie prop! Source

You know, I was always told to keep my insides on the inside. But this guitar says, “Screw that, let’s put them on display.” Well, if you’re going for that ‘I’ve been playing for so long my insides are falling out’ look, I guess that’s the perfect guitar for you.

Ikon Custom guitars was a brand based in Houston, TX. They were specialized in bio-mechanical art dedicated to extreme music artists. Needless to say they were going for the metalheads out there! 

Ikon Custom started around 2006 as a hobby in the garage of founder and president, Marc Anthony Bertone. Back in 2010, they introduced the Arachnoid 1 production models. Since then, it seems that Ikon Custom is no longer in activity.

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