That’s got be the best method ever ! Technique-building exercises you can do while watching TV ? Count me in !

Their best selling point is the promise to discover how to properly sit on a couch while playing guitar or bass. That’s the fucking hardest thing to do for all the lazy couch potatoes out there !

Be honest… You know you need this guitar method ! I hate to say it but I think I do…

So if you’re ready to turn that couch potato bod into a guitar god, why not try the Couch Potato Guitar Workout method – click the link and start building technique like a pro ! And for our bassist fellows, they can enjoy the Couch Potato Bass Workout method !

Just a heads up, clicking the “Couch Potato Guitar/Bass Workout” affiliate links above doesn’t guarantee you’ll be playing “Stairway to Heaven” by the end of the week, but it does guarantee you’ll be on the couch and strumming something.

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