Is It a One-Spring Kay Guitar or Bass ?

Why settle for six strings when you can have one huge mammoth spring that’ll knock your socks off? Maybe because playing one string is just as challenging than six. Or maybe someone got a little too excited about the spring sale at Guitar Center and decided to...

No One Can Bear This Guitar !!

I’m not sure if this guitar is meant to be played or hugged, but either way, I bet it sounds as soft and cuddly as a teddy bear… but with a bit more of attitude!

Bizarre Homemade Guitar

From the shape to the electronics this guitar is a perfect candidate for a Guitar Fail award ! We want to know more about the bizarre guitar but we couldn’t find much information. Sadly.

Schecter Dexter Signature Fail ?

That blood spatter finish doesn’t look realistic at all ! Yeah, I know it sounds strange, and maybe a bit spooky, that I give an opinion about the realism of the blood spatter custom finish on this guitar because how should I know ? But trust me, I have seen my...