96 Guitar Pedals in this Gigantic Pedalboard

You can’t predict the sound at the end of this chain ! Well, at least you could say that there is a high probability to generate the most chaotic sound you’ll ever heard. Plus I think you need to be a tap dancing expert to make it work ! You can check the...

Guitar Umbrella

I never use an umbrella but I would use the one below! This is a creation of students from the School of Visual Arts MFA Designer as Author.

Who Said Wall Hangers are Harmless to Guitar Necks?

Looks like Rudi Mantofani has finally solved the age-old problem of tall guitar players. These guitars are perfect for those 18-foot-tall guitarists out there. Finally they can shred in peace. I wonder if they come with extra long straps too. It would be fun to see an...

Death Metal Only

… And mostly if you don’t play beyond the 7th fret ! This “guitar” is part of an art exhibition titled Ideopolis.