Imagine the editorial meeting about this piece :

  • Editor-in-chief: Alright, Randy, we have a new assignment for you. We want you to write an article about the Stratocaster.
  • Randy: Okay, sounds good. Do you have any specific ideas for the angle of the article ?
  • Editor-in-chief: We want you to focus on the timeless appeal of the Stratocaster. How it has been used by so many different musicians across genres. How it has remained relevant for musicians over the years.
  • Iconographer: Yeah, and don’t forget to include some images of musicians playing a Stratocaster in the article. We want to give readers a visual representation of the guitar’s iconic status.
  • Randy: Got it. I’ll start reaching out to some musicians and see if I can get some quotes for the article. And I’ll make sure to help find some great images for the piece.
  • Iconographer: I think I already have the best picture for the piece ! Jeff Beck is an avid user of the Stratocaster, right ?
  • Randy: Yes. He is the best there is.
  • Iconographer: Ok ! I got this covered.
  • Editor-in-chief: Great. Let’s touch base in a week to see how the article is coming along.

via The Fretboard Journal

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