Rule Number One When You Take a Picture of a Guitar : Get Dressed !!

… Or at least check the shot before you send the picture for your ebay auction !! Ok this one is borderline but soooo funny!! Spotted on the forums of

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  1. Very funny but obviously ‘shopped. The back of cast Grovers aren’t shiny enough to reflect like that.

    • To be honest I thought about it for a while… Is it photoshopped or not? Some tuners are shiny enough to get a reflection!

  2. Cock’n’Roll (e)pic fail?!!

  3. So funny !!
    It isn’t a fake, you can see yourself on Grover tuners.
    I know it ’cause I’ve check It 5 minutes ago…

  4. Of course it photoshopped, 2 different poses in the tuners.

  5. Also magical grovers, they show diferent positions in the same picture,

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