Once upon a time, some dude wanted to beat the shit out of an acoustic guitar. He was angry and frustrated, and he thought that the guitar was the cause of all his problems. So he picked it up and started bashing it against his head.

The guitar made a loud, crunching sound as it smashed against his skull, and the dude felt a little bit better. But it was not enough ! The dude was so focused on his anger that he didn’t even notice the pain.

He just kept bashing his head against the guitar, over and over again.

Finally, he stopped and looked at the guitar. It was completely destroyed, with its strings snapped and its body dented and battered. The dude was panting and sweating, and his head was throbbing with pain.

He looked at the guitar, and then at his own head. Just before falling on the floor, he realized that he had just beaten himself up as much as he had beaten up the guitar.

I guess it’s a tie game !

Guitar Fail
Guitar Fail

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