Best photoshop ever ! I’m not gonna stop laughing for an hour or two !

Not sure that I would watch that movie though…

Introducing “Guitar/Off”, the newest action-packed, comedic blockbuster starring Nicolas Cage as Jimmy Cage.

A rock and roll legend undergoes a revolutionary surgical procedure to switch faces with legendary guitarist Jimmy Page. As Jimmy Cage struggles to master Page’s iconic riffs and stage presence, hilarity ensues as he tries to navigate the rock and roll lifestyle while keeping his true identity a secret. But when the stakes are raised and lives are on the line, Cage must unleash his inner guitar god to save the day and rock the stage once again.

With a killer soundtrack featuring some of the greatest guitar riffs of all time and non-stop action, “Guitar/Off” is the ultimate rock and roll thrill ride. So get ready to rock and roll and laugh with Jimmy Cage, the ultimate guitar hero.

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